Live and work in Mont-Tremblant

The Tremblant


A unique culture

Choose a balanced lifestyle that combines a job you’re passionate about with exciting outdoor adventures. Working at Tremblant lets you unite your hobbies, career, and family life, in a picturesque, charming and vibrant setting.

Whether you’re looking for a calm environment to center yourself or a place of numerous unforgettable events, Tremblant offers a lifestyle that fosters your well-being and your professional growth.

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Image of Mont-Tremblant in the Fall

Living in Tremblant means...


A tight-knit community

Are you a passionate people-person looking to make memories? Do you have a radiant team spirit? Do you marvel at the sight of the mountain? Our tightly-knit family is waiting for you.

Live and work in Mont-Tremblant

Easy access to nature

Root yourself in a natural playground overlooked by rich and breathtaking scenery. Whether you’re an avid biker, hiker or a water sports enthusiast, discover a variety of trails and water sources like you’ve always dreamed about and embrace every moment.

Mont-Tremblant Village

An enchanting and motivating environment

Stay entertained in a festive, colourful and enchanting setting brimming with breathtaking views. Overlooked by a majestic mountain, Tremblant’s community will motivate you to surpass yourself as it promotes a way of life made to adapt with the changing seasons.

Events in Tremblant

Must-see events

Elevate your lifestyle with a variety of exhilarating events. From music festivals to sporting events, there’s something suited for every thrill.

Benefits that make a difference

Billets ski

Discounted ski pass

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Exclusive deals in a variety of boutiques, restaurants, cafés and bars

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Discounts on various activities


Free access to public transit across Mont-Tremblant City


Exclusive activities and events for employees


Indoor and outdoor activities to keep you active

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